Mastering the Nuclear specific requirements

Platom’s objective is to help control the most challenging aspects of the nuclear industry. We provide our customers with safe and cost-effective solutions. We envision our legacy in vital solutions that ensure a safer tomorrow.

We are a team of independent, flexible and experienced experts, who have been solving challenges in the nuclear industry with passion and attitude for over 20 years. We work in close cooperation with the authorities, licensees and suppliers. We constantly develop our expertise in order to meet the demands of the nuclear industry.

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Licensing, Qualification & Authority Requirements

We improve the profitability of the nuclear industry through appropriate planning of licensing activities and the management of nuclear specific requirements.

Plant Safety & Optimization

We enhance safety and productivity by acting as a partner in plant optimization, risk management and operational planning.

Equipment & System Deliveries

We design and deliver customized equipment and systems, which take into account the nuclear specific requirements for design, manufacturing and delivery.

Training services

Platom supports your company’s skills development and competence management with wide-range training services and consulting services in the nuclear energy sector.

We offer both ready-made training packages and tailor-made options to suit each of our customers’ needs. We also offer seminars and organize new International Training Programs for Nuclear and Radiological Leadership and Management jointly with Omnia.


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Profile picture of Petri Koivunen

Expert – Radiation Safety and Nuclear Engineering

Profile picture of Tero Lytsy

Leading Expert RadWaste

Tero Lytsy

Technical Support for Licensing & Qualification
RadWaste Management

Profile picture of Maria Nordlund

Licensing & Qualification Manager, Senior Expert

Profile picture of Teemu Törönen

Project Manager

Profile picture of Hannu Torniainen

Manager, Delivery Projects

Marianne Helenius henkilökuva

Training Manager

Marianne Helenius

Training services

Mari Hovi henkilökuva

Project Manager

Mari Hovi

Equipment & Systems
Project management (IPMA C)

Our Experts


Platom in collaboration with VTT’s new project in fusion energy possibilities

Published 04.10.2021

Platom has the privilege of being one of the companies to participate in VTT’s new project on the possibilities of fusion energy. Platom’s vast knowledge in the field of licensing, qualification and authority requirements will be useful to this project.

Platom announces new Chairman of the Board

Published 22.04.2021

Today, Platom announced the appointment of Timo Okkonen  as Chairman of its Board of Directors. Okkonen succeeds Jukka Sorjonen, who joined Platom’s Board in 2019 and served as Chairman since 2020.

Finnish collaboration for leadership and management programs in nuclear and radiological safety and security

Published 04.09.2020

Platom and Omnia Education Partnerships (OEP) have partnered to offer unique training programs combining nuclear and radiological expertise and competency-based leadership and management training.

Financial Statement: Strong revenue growth and improvement of profitability

Published 20.08.2020

Revenue was 3.5 (2.2) MEUR, growing by 55.9 % compared to H1/2019.
Operating margin was 490 (-48) kEUR, which equals 14.0 % (-2.1 %) of revenue.

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Published 17.03.2021

My very first visit to Saudi-Arabia was an IAEA expert mission at the end of 2017. Before my visit, I was, might I say, a bit worried about how I would be able to learn the local customs and behave accordingly. But I soon learned, that – like everywhere else – life in Saudi Arabia is what you make of it. You can make the effort to integrate by learning Arabic and getting to know the local culture.

New waves of training and education

Published 09.12.2020

We all remember how COVID-19 hit the world last spring and started the still on-going transformation to “remote working world” in many areas of industries. Also education and training activities are going through big changes, and currently majority of trainings are organized as remote online sessions.
In the past few months, Platom has put a lot of effort on organizing and developing trainings based on its customers’ needs.

Outlook on the Status of New Nuclear

Published 28.02.2020

In order to achieve both national and international climate goals, many countries consider adding nuclear power to their energy palette. Today, there are operating nuclear power plants in 30 countries around the world and around half of these have plans to expand their existing fleets. Out of the 55 nuclear power plants under construction, a significant portion is being built in countries that already have operating nuclear power plants. Nuclear new builds have shifted from the West to the East, with a majority of the new builds being constructed or planned in China, India, and Russia.

Platom Ltd. participating in the Expo 2020 Dubai

Published 08.11.2019

In 2020 United Arab Eirates will host the next World Expo in Dubai, one of the fastest growing technology capitals of the world. The Dubai Expo Fair will start in October 2020 and countries throughout the world are represented. Dubai and the whole UAE have been preparing for Dubai Expo 2020 for several yeas already, and on-going projects in the region include the construction of the entire Expo area, a whole new metro line and several new architectural wonders.

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