Platom is a Finnish family company which serves its clients globally in the Nuclear Industry. Our current clients are based in Finland, Sweden, Russia, the UK, and the USA.


Platom has an ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified quality system. Followed by USEC Inc’s audit of the NQA-1 system, Platom is accepted as a QL-1 supplier (design and procurement) for the USEC’s American Centrifuge Project on September 10, 2013. Level 1 is the highest quality level in the NQA-1 standard. NQA-1 stands for Nuclear Quality Assurance and the standard is generally used in Western nuclear industry as a quality framework.

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Our history dates back to 1998, when our operations started in Finland with project planning for Nuclear Power Plants. Since then we have focused on Nuclear Energy technology. We have gained expertise of a wide range of components and processes in Nuclear Power Plants over the years. Some examples are treatment of radioactive waste in different forms, special equipment for the handling of nuclear fuel, and sampling of liquids and gases with high radioactivity.

Our experts have worked closely with our customers, which range from domestic to Scandinavian and further international nuclear facilities, providing assistance, process models and safety analyses, optioneering, and solutions to different modernization projects and periodic safety reviews. We have participated in new builds, operating plants, and the decommissioning of a nuclear facility.

We have provided design and procurement services for customized special equipment for Nuclear Power Plants. Additionally, we have developed specialized UF6 handling systems for the nuclear fuel industry.


“Adding value to our customers by offering qualified expert services and deliveries meeting the industry’s requirements for licensing and qualification.”

Partnership: 1 + 1 > 2

In our customer relations, we aim to establish partnerships that produce the maximum amount of additional value for both our customers and us. True additional value is achieved when the result of the partnership is greater than the sum of the resources that are put into it.

Platom’s employees are also in a partnership with their employer. Platom grows and is successful through the value brought to the company by its employees. A fair deal of that value is returned to our employees.


Platom aims to grow comprehensively as a company. This requires company functions to be arranged in such a way that growth is always made possible. Our partners benefit from our constantly growing company’s ability to take responsibility of increasingly demanding projects.

The cornerstones of our growth are our skilled and motivated employees. We support the professional skills and development of our employees by enabling their participation in seminars, training courses, and interesting projects for customers. The needs of our employees are heard and reacted upon.


It takes courage to step outside one’s comfort zone to grow. For Platom courage means that we can assess the possibilities of growth as a collective and seize opportunities without forgetting about risks. We dare to question the purposefulness of our actions and make changes whenever our growth requires it. Our courage facilitates growth and advances our partnerships.

A courageous company is built of employees that are unafraid to accept challenges. As a collective we support each other, which gives a strong foundation for professional development.


As a company, we are responsible to meet the needs and requirements of our customers as purposefully as possible. Because we operate in especially challenging and regulated environments, it is necessary for our company to evolve to meet ever increasing customer requirements. This is achieved with the help of an advanced management system and the support of our skilled employees.

As a collective, we recognise the effects that our actions have on the environment, on people and society as a whole. Platom’s business has a positive effect on the environmental load and on the welfare of mankind. We meet our societal responsibilities through continuous business growth and development of our well-being personnel.