Mikkeli (HQ)

Jääkärinkatu 33
FI-50130 Mikkeli, Finland
Tel. Mon-Fri 09:00-15:00
+358 (0)44 5504 300
Fax. +358 (0)15 369 270


Sinkokatu 11
FI-26100 Rauma, Finland


Technopolis, Hermiankatu 6-8 D
FI-33720 Tampere, Finland


Technopolis Ruoholahti 2
Energiakuja 3
FI-00180 Helsinki, Finland


Pharma City
Itäinen Pitkäkatu 5
FI-20520 Turku, Finland

Contact Persons

Miika Puukko

Managing Director +358 (0)44 5504 303 m.puukko(a)platom.fi

Juho Ikonen

Sales +358 (0)44 5504 318 juho.ikonen(a)platom.fi

Tero Lytsy

Manager – Consulting +358 (0)44 5504 024 tero.lytsy(a)platom.fi

Pasi Junninen

Manager – Process Modelling +358 (0)40 5224 172 pasi.junninen(a)platom.fi

Ville Kakkonen

Human Resources Manager +358 (0)44 5504 057 ville.kakkonen(a)platom.fi


Esteemed Contractor, we now accept invoices via e-invoicing.

Our new billing addresses

We kindly ask You to update the following addresses into Your billing system:

For e-invoices:

Use our EDI-code:


Our operator is:
OpusCapita Group Oy
Broker ID: 003710948874

In case of paper invoices:

Platom Oy
PL 64808

The address above must also be printed on the invoice in order for our scanning services to properly process it.

Please note that only invoices are to be sent to this address. For newsletters, announcements, marketing material, etc. use our normal mailing address (see our office addresses above).