The foundation of Platom’s business is our professional and motivated employees.

Platom’s experts have a wide range of expertise from different technical disciplines, with nuclear engineering being the common denominator. This expertise, combined with responsibility, courage to face challenges, and ambition to succeed in increasingly demanding situations, is what makes Platom and it’s employees unique.

Platom designs and delivers systems for Uranium Hexafluoride (UF6) handling to Nuclear fuel industry and special equipment for Nuclear Power Stations. Platom has the skills and expertise necessary to deliver complete turn-key solutions that include support systems such as instrumentation, control, safety, cooling and transportation, all according to the desires of our customers.

Platom Autoclave Systems

Platom designs and delivers systems for Uranium Hexafluoride (UF6) handling for a variety of uses, such as transfer, feed and sampling.

A highly recommended choice is the Platom Autoclave system, which facilitates safe, effective, economical and fast transfer, feed or sampling of UF6. Our Autoclave systems comply with European, U.S., and Russian regulations on pressure vessels and nuclear equipment, and our safety systems are designed in accordance with strict international standards to ensure the best employee and environmental safety of our products.

Platom Equipment deliveries

Platom has successfully designed and delivered equipment and systems for

  • Fuel handling: transfer, hoisting, transportation and monitoring
  • Radioactive waste handling: solid and liquid waste collection, sorting, convey, packing and receiving
  • Decontamination
  • Sampling: primary and secondary circulation sampling

Platom provides expert services that create models of industrial and power plant processes, run simulations and provide analyses on different cases. This is especially useful when a process modification or modernisation is planned, and the customer wishes to know how the change will affect production or safety. With the aid of simulation, we can see the effects of the change through the model before any physical changes are actualised. By analysing the results, the modification or modernisation can be optimised to provide maximum benefit.

Platom’s experts also provide analyses for nuclear power safety reviews. The proper function of safety systems in accident situations can be verified through simulation. Additionally, Platom’s experts are well versed with the requirements and purposes of process modelling and analysis, which can be useful when reviewing simulations and analyses used for safety system verification in nuclear new build cases.

Platom’s Process Modelling & Analysis services include:

  • Steady state, dynamic and transient models for industrial process thermal hydraulics, with APROS-software.
  • I&C system models with APROS-software.
  • Fluid dynamics models with CFD-calculation.
  • Particle physics calculations with MCNP-code.

Platom offers plant lifecycle management services for industrial applications. With our team of experts with backgrounds in several engineering disciplines, we can provide assistance for all stages of an industrial plant’s life cycle.

Examples of Plant Lifecycle Services:

  • Design, construction, and commissioning: radioactive waste management plans, ageing management programs, preliminary safety assessment reports.
  • During operation: project resource support, modernization projects, technical studies, ageing reviews.
  • Decommissioning: D&D planning and optioneering for decommissioning waste handling.

Platom provides expert support for licensing and qualification in demanding regulated environments. Strict industrial standards and regulations often greatly increase the workload and thus cost of projects that requires licensing or qualification. Our experts are familiar with industrial standards and regulations and can assistance and guidance to produce high quality documentation that meets all necessary requirements.

According to Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland (STUK) qualification is a process to demonstrate the ability to fulfil specified requirements. The qualification process is for demonstrating that systems, structures and components are suitable for their intended use and that they fulfill all the requirements (quality, functional and non-functional requirements). Also with the help of the qualification process necessary authority documentation and inspections are identified.

The requirements for the use of nuclear energy are presented in STUK’s regulatory guides (YVL guides). YVL guides specify amongst others the documentation which is delivered to authorities together with the delivery schedule. Also the inspections which shall be performed (constructions inspections and factory acceptance tests) are described in YVL guides. STUK supervises the actions of license applicant and/or licensee through licensing documentation and inspections.

Platom experts are familiarized with the requirements of the YVL guides and industry standards. Together with our experts high-quality and compliant authority documentation is produced in time. Our qualification team can perform as a support in demanding operation environments.