Platom is a Finnish family company which serves its clients globally in the Nuclear Industry. Our current clients are based in Finland, Sweden, Russia, the UK, and the USA.

Platom Oy Respects Your Privacy

Platom Oy is committed to the safe and secure processing of personal data and compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations. We have implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against loss or unlawful access.

Register of Job Applicants

Register name:
``Rekrytoinnin henkilöhallinnon rekisteri``

Platom Oy, Jääkärinkatu 33, 50130 Mikkeli, Finland

Contact person:
Ville Kakkonen, e-mail:

Handling of Personal Data

We obtain personal data from You (the applicant) when you send us your job application including your personal data.
The collected data is used for our job application process and will be handled only by personnel that is entitled to deal with the applications.

Definition of Personal Data

The data included in the job applications is collected to a database. The data may contain an applicant's name, address, education background and previous work experience. Also, background information that the applicant has told or revealed for example during job interviews can be collected.
Personal data can be filled in afterwards with the consent of the job applicant.

Job applications can be collected in form of paper or in file format (Word, PDF, etc.).

Transfer of Personal Data

Personal data will be shared only within the company (Platom Oy).

The data will not be transferred to a third party without the consent of the applicant.

Data will not be used or disclosed for marketing purposes.

Storage of Personal Data

Personal data will be stored for a period of one year from the date of its arrival.

Your Rights

-You are entitled to know what personal data we are processing about you.
-You are entitled to have incorrect personal data regarding you corrected.
-You may request that we delete your personal data.

All request about personal data must be in written form and must be signed by the person that the data involves.
Requests are sent to: Platom Oy, Jääkärinkatu 33, 50130 Mikkeli, Finland.

If you have questions about the Personal Data process concerning you, you can contact the Register of Job Applicants contact person mentioned above.